Virus tools


A lot of people have problems with viruses. Many of which can be fixed with the tools on this page.
Viruses are a threat to your computer for a number of reasons. They don’t just slow your computer down – they can delete, corrupt and change your files and are commonly spying on you. Many viruses will capture your personal information (bank details if they can, passwords and other private data).
It is therefore really important that you scan your system regularly with an up to date scanner.

Online virus scanner

Here we have for you a fast online virus scanner, kindly provided by BitDefender.

This is not a substitute for a ‘proper’ virus checker, you still need an up-to-date checker, this page is more for when you are concerned and would like a quick checkup from another source.

Looking for a virus checker for your computer?

Microsoft provide a pretty good, free virus checker to you with your copy of windows:

If your test finds a virus but says it cannot remove it, please try the following tool

McAfee also have some good free tools

Still struggling or would rather have someone do it for you, give TechKit a call

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