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Help from people with computer green fingers
Please call or email for a quote. Below are some of the services provided (Click for more information):

General PC Repair

Computer won’t switch on, repeatedly crashes, won’t connect to the internet, doesn’t display anything on screen and hundreds of other problems can be solved. Many people are surprised at just how much can be fixed on a broken computer.

PC Upgrades

Is your computer going slow when you have a lot running or running out of space for pictures, documents, music or videos? The capacity of a computer can often be increased a bit for a fairly reasonable price.

Virus checking and removal

When was your computer last scanned thoroughly for a virus, with an up-to-date checker? Has your computer suddenly gone very slow? Are you getting dozens of popup adverts? Are you concerned that you don’t know how to keep safe online? Removing some viruses can be quite tricky but simple virus checks can be done quite easily so if you want I’ll happily show you how to do it yourself – or just do it for you if you prefer.

Annual service and clean (an MOT for your computer)

A good clean: an air dusting of the inside of the machine, a clean of your screen, virus check, configuration of updates if required, removal of ‘temporary files’ – which clutter up the workings of your computer over time and many other minor tweaks to boost the performance and reliability of your computer.

Printer servicing

Is your printer putting lines on everything, missing bits or putting out slightly odd colors? Perhaps it throws a blank page out at the end of every job or the pages are coming out looking ‘dirty’. TechKit can clean and carry out minor repairs on your printers.


Traditionally laptops were unrepairable due to the high costs and unavailability of parts, whilst this is still the case for some parts it certainly isn’t so for all. Let me know what’s wrong, plus your make and model and you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Data recovery - this is worth a read, even if you don't need it at the moment!

If you have permanently deleted a file or removed it from the recycle bin by accident STOP! The worst thing you can do is continue to use the computer to try and get it back yourself. SWITCH OFF THE COMPUTER and give TechKit a call. With deleted files every second whilst the machine is on counts, it becomes more and more likely that it will not be recoverable. Let me reiterate, you must stop, switch off and phone for help.

Networking (wired and wireless)

Need your computers linking up? Only one of your computers is connected to the internet? Not on Broadband? Want your files on one machine accessible from another? Give us a ring and discuss your needs.


TechKit can supply and maintain a range of file and web servers to small and medium sized enterprises. Please call for further information.

Secure data disposal

Has your computer reached the end of its useful life? Concerned who may be able to get your personal details (in some cases even your bank details) or even steal your identity from your old computer? TechKit is able to wipe hard drives beyond the levels required by the military before resale. It is even possible for hard-drives to be crushed if needs be. Depending on its age your old machine may actually be worth something. Please call for more information.

New PC's

Need a new computer? Give us a ring before you buy, and see if we can beat your price. We do not attempt to do this with low cost machines as frequently other manufacturers use inferior quality parts to keep costs down. We do not compromise on reliability, even though it may cost a little more.

Most Hardware and Software

Need a new part or program? We have often already done the research and are able to supply your needs without spending the huge amount of time that you would need to order the correct item.


Need one-on-one tuition on something? Willing to train and give a friendly (and very patient) helping hand to those of you who need to learn right from the start, or those with some experience who want to learn new things.


Need an online presence? Let TechKit know your needs and we will help you to achieve what you require.

VoIP and Telephones

VoIP Phones, PABX, FAX, extensions, modems and repairs to your telecoms equipment.

Offsite backup services available

Safe storage of your backup media, online backup services or even an engineer doing it for you are all possibilities. Please discuss your needs and we can tailor a service for you. It is sensible to store your data offsite to protect it from fire, floods, theft and many other risks which make offsite storage the safe option.

And much more.

Please contact me, I’m happy to give you more details.

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